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What they don't tell you about setting up the Hardie Pope Rain Jet automatic watering system.

I have a computer controlled watering system sold by James Hardie Irrigation Pty.  of Beverly, South Australia. It looks like a fairly standard unit with a simple microprocessor control.
The setting up instructions were simple but never seemed to set up the system as I wanted it to operate. A little experimenting and thought about computer program requirements provided the answer.

There are two modes of operation

  • For specific days of the week (covered OK in the operating instructions)
  • For specific intervals (Not correctly described in the instructions)

There are two Dual Use buttons

Select-a-Day will set the days of the week that you want to water on
or will set the interval between watering days (i.e. select 'Tue' for 3 day intervals)

Set-Today sets the actual day of the week if you are using fixed day watering
or sets which day this is within the number of the interval days

Example To set watering at 3 day intervals

While pressing 'Select-a-Day', press '+' until 'ON' is displayed
Press 'TUE' and '+' until 'ON' is displayed - this sets 3 days
Press all the remaining days and '+' until 'OFF' is displayed in each

While pressing 'Set-Today' press '+' repeatedly until this day number 
of the interval is displayed - 1 is for day 1 etc. 3 is for day 3
The day count is checked at midnight when it advances, so even 
on the watering day, if it has already watered, the day number is still 3 in this example.

Follow the instructions for the individual start and run times of the valves.

If you find this of use please send me an email at

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