Fix-it: some things I have discovered

Every time I used my scanner I could see the dirt on the inside of the scanner glass. There seemed to be no way to get at it until in desperation I took it to the workshop and Hacked it.
Here is what I found.

  • Open the top and face the machine.
  • The glass has a 3 sided frame around it with the paper sizes indicated on it.
  • At the top of the frame on each side are 2 very small 'D' shapes with tabs in them.
  • At the bottom by the letters 'A4' and on the opposite side, the plastic lifts up for about an inch of its length. The rest of the side is stuck to the glass.
  • When these sides are lifted up, the frame and glass can slide a little way into the front as you gently pushed down the tabs - (take care they are very light)
  • The glass can now be lifted out by pulling to the rear.
  • Give the case inside a good clean with a vacuum as any dust left will be attracted to the glass when it is reinstalled.

Nowhere in the very brief maintenance information that came with the machine was this mentioned.

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